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Continuous delivery publisher has no permissions to manage virtual appliance ?

When someone is becoming the default publisher for the virtual appliance versions that are published from the continuous delivery, it means that he/she had permissions to manage virtual appliance version at that time.

It is possible that in the mean time another user had revoked his/her related permissions. There are two ways to overcome this issue:

  • If you are the owner/submitter or explicitly have full control of the virtual appliance, you can update the publisher's permissions
  • Contact the owner/submitter of the virtual appliance and request for permissions for the publisher.
  • If you have permissions to manage the virtual appliance, you can update the settings of continuous delivery from the AppDB web portal to become the new default publisher. Please, keep in mind that you have to own a personal access token in order to become a publisher.

NOTE: If this issue is kept unresolved for a long time, it is possible that the continuous delivery backend will automatically pause the process, until manually resumed by the author.

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