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-===== how can i create a personal access token? =====+===== How can i create a personal access token? =====
 ---- ----
 +**Personal access tokens** are part of a lightweight mechanism for making authoritative API calls to the AppDB platform, such as subscribing to image lists or even editing items from external applications on your behalf.
 +In order to create a //Personal Access Token//, you should follow the steps below:
 +**1.** Go to your profile -> Preferences tab
 +{{ :main:pat-prefs.png?600 |}}
 +**2.** Go to the API access management section and Generate your //Personal Access Token//
 +{{ :main:pat-generate.png?600 |}}
 +**3.** [**Optional**] Secure more your //Personal Access Token// by associating one or more (up to five) [[main:faq:what_are_the_netfilters_for|NetFilters]].
 +{{ :main:faq:pat-netfilters.png?600 |}}
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