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How to access the EGI VMOps dashboard

To access the EGI VMOps dashboard, you need to:

  1. Obtain a personal X.509 access certificate from a recognised Certification Authority, if you haven't already got one.
  2. Join an existing VO, or create a new VO if none of the existing ones suits your purpose.
  3. Request the VM OPERATOR role, either during the registration process, in the VO in the description/comment section, or afterwards, by contacting the VO manager.
  4. Check whether your X.509 DN is available through the Distinguished Name attribute when logging in via EGI Check-in
  5. If not, there are generally two alternatives for you to include your DN when logging in via EGI Check-in:
    • Direct sign-in: If you already have an EGI SSO account, you may link your X.509 certificate to your EGI SSO account by visiting from a browser with access to the certificate.
    • Sign-up for an EGI ID:
      • Visit and follow the registration process (requires email address verification before the registration can be completed).
      • Visit and click on “Link new identity”, as described here. N.B.: Select “IGTF Certificate Proxy” as the additional identity provider.
      • After the process above is complete, you must re-login to, using “IGTF Certificate Proxy” as the identity provider, in order to link your X.509 DN to your EGI ID.
      • Proper access to the VMOps dashboard will then be available by using any account linked to the aforementioned EGI ID.
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