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 ===== How to get access to the AppDB? ===== ===== How to get access to the AppDB? =====
 ---- ----
-Users that would like to take advantage of the authenticated write-enabled features of the AppDB service, may login by using **one or more** of the supported authentication methods: 
-  ​* by using your **personal ​[[|EGI SSO account]]**+As of May 2017, the process of **sign in/up** is managed ​by the **[[https://​|EGI Checkin]]** service. ​
-{{ :main:faq:login_egisso.png?600 |}}+{{  :main:faq:aai-login.png?​600 ​ |}}
-  * by using your **valid personal [[http://​​wiki/​X.509|X509]] certificate**signed by a Certificate Authority that is member of the [[http://​​|International Grid Trust Federation]].+For more detailsplease follow ​the guides below:
 +   * For **Signing Up** for an EGI Account, click [[https://​​wiki/​AAI_usage_guide#​Signing_Up_for_an_EGI_Account|here]]
 +   * For **Linking** Additional Organisational/​Social Identities to your EGI Account, click [[https://​​wiki/​AAI_usage_guide#​Linking_Additional_Organisational.2FSocial_Identities_to_your_EGI_Account|here]]
-{{ :​main:​faq:​login_x509.png?​600 |}} 
-  * by using one of the **supported IdPs** (see list below) reached through the [[http://​​|eduGAIN]] channel+ 
-{{ :​main:​faq:​login_edugain.png?​600 |}} 
-<wrap indent></​wrap>​The IdPs currently supported are the following: 
-  * [[https://​​idp/​Authn/​UserPassword|EBI-EMBL Identity Provider]] 
-<wrap indent></​wrap>​**Tip:​** In case you would like your institutional IdP, member of the [[http://​​|eduGAIN]],​ to be supported by the EGI AppDB system, then please [[https://​​pages/​contact/​feedback|contact us]] 
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