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How to get access to VO-wide image lists?

To access VO-wide image lists, one must be a Site Admin of a site that, according to the GOCDB:

  • is not Closed nor Suspended, and
  • has at least one OpenStack endpoint enabled. The endpoint does not need to be in 'production', but must have the reserved FedCloud tag in its scope.

The FedCloud tag may be added to a relevant endpoint's scope by site admins, after the site itself has been tagged.

Once the criteria above have been met:

  1. At least one site manager (as defined in the GOCDB), should log in to the EGI AppDB and create/claim their profile
  2. Subscribe to one or more image lists by using the Personal Access Token issued during the previous step.

Tip: A guide on how to subscribe to a private image list using cloudkeeper, may be found here

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