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 ===== How to get access to VO-wide image lists? ===== ===== How to get access to VO-wide image lists? =====
 ---- ----
-To access VO-wide image lists, one must be a **Site Admin** of a site that, according to the [[|GOCDB]]:   +VO-wide image lists are accessible to authenticated users from the AppDB VMCaster web interfaceunder 
-  * is **not** **Closed** nor **Suspended**and  +
-  * has at least one **OpenStack endpoint enabled**. The endpoint does not need to be in 'production', but **must** have the reserved **FedCloud tag** in its scope.+
-**The FedCloud tag may be added to a relevant endpoint's scope by site admins, after the [[|site itself has been tagged]]**.+<code>[VONAME]/image.list</code>
-Once the criteria above have been met:+where //[VONAME]// must be replaced with the name of the VO in question. To access them without a browser session, users must [[main:faq:how_can_i_create_a_personal_access_token|create a personal access token]] in their AppDB profile page, which they may then use instead of logging in, using //Basic OAuth Authentication//
-  - At least one site manager (as defined in the GOCDB), should log in to the [[|EGI AppDB]] and create/claim their profile +<code>https://[TOKEN][VONAME]/image.list</code>
-  - Create a [[main:faq:how_can_i_create_a_personal_access_token|Personal Access Token]+
-  - Subscribe to one or more image lists by using the //Personal Access Token// issued during the previous step. +
-<wrap em>Tip</wrap>: A guide on how to subscribe to a private image list using cloudkeeper, may be found [[main:faq:how_to_subscribe_to_a_private_image_list_using_the_cloudkeeper|here]]+where //[TOKEN]// must be replace with the actual access token. 
 +<wrap em>Tip</wrap>: A guide on how to subscribe to image lists using cloudkeeper, may be found [[main:faq:how_to_subscribe_to_a_private_image_list_using_the_cloudkeeper|here]]
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