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How to get access to VO-wide image lists? (temporary solution)

NOTE: the how-to below concerns only Site Admins of sites that:

  • are defined as Certified and
  • have the OCCI interface enabled

according to GOCDB

Once the criteria above are met:

  1. At least one site manager of the Certified site, should login to the EGI AppDB and claim/create his/her profile
  2. Send an email to the appdb-support at with the list of the Site Admins:
    • SSO and/or X509 DN,
    • admin's email address,
    • Site Name (as it is in GOCDB)
  3. Subscribe to one or more VO-wide image lists by using your Personal Access Token issued in the previous step.

Tip: A guide on how to subscribe to a private image list using vmcatcher, can be found here

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