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How to subscribe to a private image list using the vmcatcher

Virtual appliance and image list privacy features are no longer supported.

In principle, vmcatcher subscriptions to private image lists could be realized by following Basic Authentication as defined in RFC2617.

  • First, you should be granted (by the owner or anyone else who is authorized to give you that kind of permission) with at least Access Private Data permission.
  • and then, you should need a valid Personal Access Token. Please, read here how to create one.

  • Now, lets assume, that the private image list URI (read here how to locate the URI) you would like to subscribe to, is at:
  • and your personal access token is:
  • Then, you should issue the command:
vmcatcher_subscribe --auto-endorse -s \

for more information about HEPiX VMCatcher, please read the manual.

In short, you should handle your personal access token as the 'username' and x-oauth-basic as the 'password' for basic Authentication over HTTPS.

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