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How to subscribe to a private image list using the vmcatcher

In principle, vmcatcher subscriptions to private image lists could be realized by following Basic Authentication as defined in RFC2617.

  • First, you should be granted (by the owner or anyone else who is authorized to give you that kind of permission) with at least Access Private Data permission.
  • and then, you should need a valid Personal Access Token. Please, read here how to create one.

  • Now, lets assume, that the private image list URI (read here how to locate the URI) you would like to subscribe to, is at:
  • and your personal access token is:
  • Then, you should issue the command:
vmcatcher_subscribe --auto-endorse -s \

for more information about HEPiX VMCatcher, please read the manual.

In short, you should handle your personal access token as the 'username' and x-oauth-basic as the 'password' for basic Authentication over HTTPS.

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