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I want to register a new software solution entry, but the name is already in use, or a warning comes up.

Software solution names must be unique within the EGI Applications Database. This is done in order to avoid confusion from possible duplicate records about the same software items, which could be caused, for example, by negligence of misunderstandings. For the same reasons, a warning comes up when a similarly named entry already exists, in order to inform the user that the software solution he or she is trying to register, might already exist. If this is the case, please consider contacting the owner of the existing software entry, about merging in any missing data that you have to provide. If the entry you are trying to register is a modified version of an already existing one (i.e. a “fork”), then you should consider adding a modifier in your software solution name, in order to distinguish it from the original.

Good examples would be:



If none of the above applies, or if you still have questions of issues regarding software naming, feel free to contact us.

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