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How to request VO membership with VMOPs dashboard

The VMOps dashboard currently supports a list of specific VOs that a user must be a member of in order to be able to deploy VMs through the dashboard.

These supported VOs are also displayed in the VMOps dashboard home page as shown bellow and are also displayed in the user menu popup dialog in the upper right corner of the dashboard:

In this list we can see that we already have membership to the and VOs. If we want to become a member of another VO we should locate the VO in the list of the supported VOs and click on the enrollment link.

This link will redirect us to an external service to request VO membership and start the process of becoming a member of the specific VO.

VO Membership Request Process

As mentioned above, when we click the enrollment link we navigate to a page where a membership request form for the specific VO exists. Usually, this page belongs to the VOMS server instance of the specific VO, although there are cases where other type of services handle such requests (eg. PERUN, EGI AAI etc).

In the case that a VOMS or Perun instance handles the VO memebrship registration, it will be required from us to own a personal X.509 access certificate obtained by a recognised Certification Authority, in order to access these services.

For this example we will assume that a VOMS server handles the VO we want to join. In that case we will navigate to a page like the one below:

After filling the fields remember to add to the description that you want to use the cloud infrastructure, so that the VO manager that will handle our request will set the appropriate roles to our membership (eg grant you the VM Operator role).

After submitting the form, it is most likely to receive a confirmation email that our request is registered. Likewise, the manager of the VO will be notified and will process our request. The amount of time it takes for each VO manager to accept or reject a request depends on the applied acceptance policies of each VO and also to human factors, such as the time of day of the request, how much occupied the VO manager might be at the time etc.

For the aforementioned reasons the time needed for accepting or rejecting a VO membership request spans from a few minutes to days. In most cases the requests are quickly accepted or rejected within the day. Regardless if the request is accepted or rejected, we will still get an email response.

When will a user be able to deploy VMs?

If a user followed the process above and was accepted as a VO member, the only thing that is left is for the membership information to be propagated to the rest of the EGI services. The duration for something like this depends on the internal mechanisms that each VO uses to share their information with the rest of the infrastructure.

This means that if we relogin to the VMOps dashboard right after the confirmation email arrives, we might still be unable to use the VO to deploy VMs. It usually needs a day for the infrastructure to collect the new information regarding the VO memberships, so it is suggested to try to deploy VMs the next day of the VO membership request.

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