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 Currently, there are 3 access groups with special privileges within the AppDB service: Currently, there are 3 access groups with special privileges within the AppDB service:
-  * //AppDB Administrator//:​ Full access to every registered software and person entry, reserved for AppDB staff +  
-  * //​Manager//:​ Full access to every registered software and person entry, reserved ​for EGI Task Leaders and the EGI User Community Support Team +  ​* **//AppDB Manager//**[[main:​guides:​general:​permissions_guide?&#​full_control|Full control]] over every registered software, virtual appliance ​and person entry. **Reserved** ​for EGI Task Leaders and the [[http://​​services/​catalogue/​tech-consultancy.html|EGI User Community Support Team]]. 
-  * //National Representative//:​ Full access ​over entries listed under user's country, reserved ​for [[https://​​about/​ngis/​NILs.html|EGI National Representatives]]+  ​* **//National Representative//​**[[main:​guides:​general:​permissions_guide?&#​full_control|Full control]] ​over entries listed under user's country. **Reserved** ​for [[https://​​about/​ngis/​NILs.html|EGI National Representatives]].
 +<wrap em>If you would like to **request to join** to one (or more) of the aforementioned //access groups// please follow [[main:​faq:​i_would_like_to_be_granted_the_role_of_an_appdb_manager_or_ngi_representative._what_should_i_do|this guide]].</​wrap>​
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