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What is the Autocheck image file metadata integrity?

Autocheck image file metadata integrity option is available on per image basis and if checked (default) it will command our system (upon verification - not upon saving) to temporarily download the image from the Location given, to our/AppDB servers, and calculate the sha512 checksum and the filesize. By following this option the user does not have to fill in the respective metadata values manually.

There are quite a few cases that this process could fail. For example:

  • The image is not accessible neither over http nor https protocol (at the time being only http(s) protocol is supported).
  • The source http server requires authentication
  • The Location given was not found.
  • etc..

One more thing that the user should be aware of, is the time needed for this process to be finalized. Downloading a couple of hundreds of data over http and calculate the sha512 checksum of the downloaded image file, could be considered as a time consuming process. Depending on the bandwidth of the network it could take from a few seconds up to a few tenths of minutes.

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