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 +**Autocheck image file metadata integrity** option is available on **per image basis** and **if checked** (//​default//​) it will command our system (upon verification - not upon saving) to temporarily **download** the image from the //​Location//​ given, to **our/AppDB servers**, and calculate the **sha512 checksum** and the **filesize**. By following this option the user does not have to fill in the respective metadata values manually. ​
 +There are quite a few cases that this process <wrap em>could fail</​wrap>​. For example:
 +  * The image is not accessible neither over http nor https protocol (at the time being **only** http(s) protocol is supported).
 +  * The source http server requires authentication
 +  * The Location given was not found.
 +  * etc.. 
 +One more thing that the user should be aware of, is **the time needed for this process to be finalized**. Downloading a couple of hundreds of data over http and calculate the sha512 checksum of the downloaded image file, could be considered as **a time consuming process**. Depending on the bandwidth of the network it could take from a few seconds up to a few tenths of minutes. ​
 +{{ :​main:​guides:​Manage_va_version_autocheck_metadata_integrity.png?​600 |}}
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