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What is the meaning of each software category?

Bellow you may find some indicative definitions of the available software categories. A single software item entry can be associated with more than one category, setting the most appropriate as the primary one.

  • Application: An application is a program or a group of programs that aims to address a specific scientific problem and in most of the cases is associated with one scientific field/discipline.
  • Tool: A tool is a multipurpose, multidisciplinary program or a group of programs that aims to assist scientists either to build or deploy their own or existing applications or to offer alternative ways of accessing the resources of the infrastructure.
  • Science gateway: A Science gateway is a community-specific set of tools, applications, and data collections that are integrated together via a web portal or a desktop application, providing access to resources and services from the European Grid Infrastructure.
  • Workflow: EGI workflows are sequences of computational and data manipulation steps required to perform a specific analysis, using resources from the e-infrastructure. In principal, workflows are deployed with the help of a workflow system, a graphical or text environment that enables scientific communities to write and execute their own workflows on available resources.
  • Middleware product: Could be a program (application, tool, service, etc.) which is component of a specific Middleware. In principal, the code and/or binaries of a Middleware product are managed by the EGI AppDB and are populated through the UMD Community repository.
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