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How can I register a Software or a Virtual Appliance?

If you are a member of the development team of a software solution which is not already in the AppDB, then you are welcome to register it. Please, have a look at the Software and Virtual Appliances registration guides, depending on the type of the software solution you wish to register.

After successful registration of an item, you will be marked as the owner of the entry and hereby have full access over it. People you add to its contact list will also basic edit access over the entry or you can refine their permissions by following the permissions guide.

Please note that, if the Software or Virtual Appliance of interest already exists in our system then you are encouraged to use the 'Join as a contact' related functionality, instead of trying to re-register it.

Last but not least, in case you are not a member of the said software development team, but rather a user, please contact the appropriate persons, letting them know about the AppDB, instead of adding the entry yourself. You may also want to file a ticket at the EGI GGUS and let us know about it.

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