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Guide for AppDB Virtual Appliance Delivery Policies

AppDB Virtual Appliance management provides two ways (policies) of publishing a new VA version:

  • Manual delivery policy: This is the default policy, where the logged in user creates/updates/publishes the new VA version though the portal
  • Continuous delivery (CD) policy: This policy instructs the AppDB backend service to autmatically check and publish new VA versions, based on the contents of a remote file. Thus, enabling the users to integrate the AppDB Virtual Appliance management with an existing external mechanism/flow of VM publishing.

Changing the delivery policy

Switching from ‘manual’ to ‘CD’ and vice-versa, is only available from the AppDB portal. For this to happen, the following requirements need to be met:

1. User MUST Have permissions to manage the virtual appliance. These permissions can be given from any user with full control on the virtual appliance entry to any other user. Usually the owner or submitter of the virtual appliance has such permission.

2. User MUST own a personal access token. You can easily create such a token from the preferences tab of your AppDB profile page. NOTE: Avoid associating netfilters to your personal access token as it can be used from the backend service to publish a virtual appliance.

If you meet these requirements, you will be able to view the delivery selection on the top left of the “Virtual Appliance Versions” tab of your virtual appliance page.

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