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How to create/modify the 'Connected Items' list


Tip: Before go further please read here, what are the 'Connected Items' for.

There could be two types of 'Connections' to your item.

  1. Connections made by you, between your Software Item or Virtual Appliance, with other Item(s).
  2. Connections that made by other Software Item(s) or Virtual Appliance(s) owners. These are labeled as 'External references'.
  • In the first case, you may relate/connect your Software or Virtual Appliance with another one, enriching the relation with a 'verb' that describes the most, the type of the relation.
For example: Software X 'is instance of framework' Y. 
(in this example the 'verb' is the part 'is instance of framework')
  • In the second case, the 'External references' one where other people may have connected their items to yours, the system gives you the ability make it invisible/hidden from the public.

Create/Modify connections

  • Click the edit button exit at the top of your Software Item or Virtual Appliance dialog
  • Scroll down to the Connected Items section
  • Add/remove one or more Software items and/or Virtual Appliance s
  • Tune whether you want to leave some External References to your item, publicly visible or not.
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