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Permissions guide

The following table, lists which permission sets are valid for/applicable to registered Software items and/or Virtual Appliances:

Permission set Comments
Edit Information & Publications-
Manage Software Releasesapplicable only to Software Items
Access Private Dataapplicable only to Virtual Appliances
Manage Virtual Appliance Versionsapplicable only to Virtual Appliances
Full Control-

Edit Information & Publications

Allows users to edit all metadata available at the Information & Publications Tabs, except for modifying the contact lists. In order to modify the contact list, one needs Full Control.

Manage Software Releases

(applicable only to Software Items)

Allows users to manage (create/update/upload files/publish/delete) releases of a registered Software Item. In simpler terms, allows users to use the AppDB as Software Repository.

Access Private Data

(applicable only to Virtual Appliances)

Provides users with read access to data that has been marked as private by the AppDB system. You may find more information about Privacy here.

Manage Virtual Appliance Versions

(applicable only to Virtual Appliances)

Allows users to manage (create/update/publish/delete) Virtual Appliance Versions and their associated Image lists.

Full Control

Allows users to perform almost any action upon the Software Item or Virtual Appliance entry. In addition to the aforementioned permissions set, a 'full control' user is able to add/remove other users and grant/revoke them with the corresponding permissions.

Note - Limitation: Although a user with full control can do almost everything upon an entry, he/she can not modify owners, nor owners', AppDB Admins, Managers and NGI representatives permissions.

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