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Setup your site for VMCatcher subscription to a VO-wide image list

For the following steps, please update your vmcatcher installation to >= 0.5.1-1

1. Install VMCatcher command line tool, see how-to details here

2. Request access to the VO-wide image lists area, as described here

3. Locate the VO-wide image list(s) of the VO(s) you wish to support. The quickest way to to find the available VO-wide image lists is through the VO section of the AppDB Image List Store

In principal, a VO-wide image list URL follows the following format:<VO_NAME>/image.list

4. Subscribe to the VO-wide image list(s) using your Personal Access Token obtained by step 2. More details on how to create a Personal Access Token can be found here

A subscription example for the VO:

$ vmcatcher_subscribe -e -s \ 
# where xxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxx is your Personal Access token

5. Flag the subscription in order to automatically accept and subscribe new image that will become part of the aforementioned image list

Example for the VO:

$ vmcatcher_subscribe -r --imagelist-newimage-subscribe
# NO Personal Access token needed

6. Make an update

$ vmcatcher_subscribe -U

7. Download and cache the images

$ vmcatcher_cache

NOTE: Steps 6. and 7. could be part of a cron job in order to automatically download the updates or new image insertions from the image list that you have been subscribed.

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