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= About the AppDB Gadget =

A Web-Gadget is freely offered to the NGIs, Virtual Research Communities, Virtual Organizations, or even to institutions and individual scientists and provides data visualization for the AppDB web API result sets, paging capabilities and user defined search operations. The gadget is constructed in such a way, as to provide high usability to external web portals and can be configured to display specific information from the applications database, without any change to the structure of the host site.

The AppDB Web-Gadget Editor, an online configuration tool, has been also developed in order to assist the creation of your own instance of the AppDB Web-Gadget.

Web-Gadget Editor Usage

Basic parameters

The settings available under the “Basic Parameters” section are 'only' for display purposes.

* 'Display type': Select the Gadget layout that fit to your needs. * 'Display search': Select whether you would like to make the embedded search facility available through your AppDB Gadget instance. * 'Dimensions (W x H)': The dimensions of your AppDB Gadget instance. * 'Title': The title that will be displayed into the generated AppDB Gadget instance. * 'Items per page': The number of applications that will be displayed per AppDB Gadget page.

Filtering criteria

The “filtering criteria” facility is used to select and display only a subset of the applications registered in the AppDB service.

'NOTE': The selected applications will satisfy 'ALL' the criteria set by the user.

* If, for example, the VO value is set to “SEE” and the Abstract value is set to “meteo”, then all the applications which are associated with the “SEE” VO 'AND' have the word “meteo” within their abstract text, will be included into the generated AppDB Gadget instance.

The available filters are:

Preview & Generate

Copy the HTML code contained into the text area and paste it into your portal or HTML page.

Success Stories

Below you can find a list of the portals/gateways that are using the AppDB Web-Gadget. * EGI-InSpire Web site * NGI_GRNET portal * Globus Applications in EGI * WeNMR collaboration * GridPP collaboration * AEGIS/Serbian NGI * HealthGrid (Life-Science Grid Community) * Hungarian NGI * Turkish NGI ( EN | TR ) * French NGI EN | France Grilles FR NGI * Slovak NGI * Life Sciences Grid Community * Ukrainian National Grid * Ukrainian:Department of Technological support of of information computer systems

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